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brand crush: VEJA

vejashoesThe challenge of donning and removing layers becomes all to familiar a dance for many a New Yorker. I’ve noticed it becoming especially tricky when this transition involves not only outerwear, but also shoes.

One exceptionally chilly morning last spring, I remember clogged up the hallway of my local yoga studio as I peeled off layers up in the hallway-cum-coat closet. I distinctly remember thinking laceless shoes would make this whole experience a lot more seamless, or at least less embarrassing.

Fast forward to this fall when I got a similar feeling coming to and from yoga teacher training. I picked up a pair of Veja’s velcro-strap sneakers and I have been wearing these to and from the studio ever since.

Beyond the incredible quality and style of these tennies, Veja is making serious moves in the realm of sustainability with their shoe designs. One core style for example, was named after a Brazilian NGO that supports the organic cotton farmers Veja has worked with for over a decade.

What I love most about the company, started by best friends ten years ago, is their modest goal of transforming the fashion industry by example: they offer beautiful, well-made products with environmentally sound and socially conscious sourcing. If I do say so myself, they are off to an exceptional start.

I for one, am obsessed with the entire fashion-foward, fitness friendly, distinctly European line.

You can read their powerful, no bullshit mission statement here and then do some shopping. I’ve got my eye on some blush beauties to transition from the late winter to spring.

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