Food & Drink

“it’s a lifestyle change”


I’ve always considered myself a pretty healthy eater. I love marinated kale with grilled salmon almost as much as I love brie and Shiraz (almost). Aside from a few rough years in middle school, I’ve been blessed to have a pretty healthy lifelong-relationship with food.

I attribute this to my both food loving and active family: a walk around the block followed most big meals, and we spent most of our summer weekends cooking together after cannonball contests/ Marco Polo/ Colors in the pool.

I learned early on the importance of food as fuel. For example, frozen yogurt is best enjoyed after a cross country race, and bacon-egg-and-cheese on a bagel is heaven sometimes, but not the best thing to chow down pre-headstand. 

After a glorious Christmas of cookies, cocktails, and crab cakes, I knew I wanted a food reset. My goal, before losing weight, was to refresh my culinary experience. I was having the same meals week after week and craved both new and routine: the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse fit the bill.

Convenient (2 shakes/day), lauded (by friends/family/mentors) and flexible (real food allowed), I signed up and started on January 9th. 

Since starting, I’ve been keeping a daily log of what went right and wrong, how I felt, what I liked and didn’t, and I will be sharing it here.

A brief list of notables:

  • Official start/ end: January 7 / February 10
  • I did this program with my boyfriend because not eating cookies is easier with a buddy.
  • We did it without a coach, which I do not recommend…the community support + recipe knowledge + advice would have helped avoid a few notable missteps.
  • We knew we would be “breaking” the diet for a four-day vacation.
  • I’m happy to report that despite the break, we’ve still experienced some pretty rad results.
  • While I will not be sharing our before and after photos, I will be sure to give some honest feedback on the results.


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