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carry-all checklist: a long wknd in NY

packing-listDeriving a packing lists is a painful pre-travel task for some. For me, it’s a pleasurable ritual. So enjoyable, in fact, that I’ve been known to (gladly) conjure up checklists for others before their trips.

What to pack for a weekend in New York? I’m glad you asked! As travel-savvy New York dwelling lady, I recommend the following:

The List

  1. The basics: undies, bras,  socks and PJs 
  2. Workout clothes (and a baseball cap): You will probably be working out and/ or hungover at least once.
  3. A small cross body bag: You’re going to be doing A LOT of walking. Rather than put your shoulder through tremendous pain, carry a cross body bag just big enough for the essentials. I love this one by Matt & Nat that is essentially a wallet with straps. The straps are removable, so you won’t need to change bags at all this trip.
  4. A leather backpack: Leaving at 7AM and returning at 9PM is not an uncommon day. Stash the essentials sans-the pain of a shoulder bag. This one from Clare V. is oh so chic. 
  5. A neutral coat: The weather shifts from low forties to high sixties over the course of a day. As a Californian in New York, I always opt for heavy options like this Robe Coat
  6. A silk cami: So you can look fancy at a moment’s notice.
  7. A graphic tee
  8. A neutral dress, like this sleeveless turtleneck dress that is so comfortable enough to fly in, yet fancy enough to wear to dinner (win win).
  9. A statement midi dress, like this one.
  10. A crew neck sweatshirt: You should have one, but if you don’t – wait til you get here and go to a thrift store.
  11. A leather jacket: Will take you from day to night and comes in clutch when you suddenly leave happy hour and it’s 40 degrees. Plus you just look really cool. This one from aboynamedsue is on sale!
  12. Wide-legged pants: They’ve been all the rage here and for good reason! Spacious like a flowy skirt, but mobile like a pant, not much not to love.
  13. Tennies: Because, again, you are going to be walking. A LOT. Not a coincidence street style includes sneaks. Contrary to Carrie Bradshaw’s depiction, this is not the land of Manolos.
  14. Comfortable heeled booties: Make sure these are tried and true. Seriously, there is nothing worse. If you wouldn’t walk a mile (or two or five) in them, don’t bring them.
  15. Slightly less comfortable heels: Reserved for brunch and fancy dancing establishments.

THURSDAY: The day you fly in requires an outfit to take you from the airport, straight to dinner in Nolita, to drinks in Chinatown.

FRIDAY:  For solo-sightseeing when your city friends are at work. Sip a latte from (a probably Insta-famous) cafe, get on a tour bus, take a walk on the West side and grab a bite at Balthazar. In the evening, change into a silk cami to meet up with said-working-friends. Make them meet you at Rainbow Room because the view is def worth a $20 Black Orchid martini.

  • wide leg pants + graphic tee + sweatshirt + fall trench + backpack (with your silk cami) + booties

SATURDAY: The day you do it all requires some outfit changes. My advice? Bring a backpack.

Part 1: The Gym: You never know if Gigi is going to be punching the bag right next to you.

  • baseball cap + workout clothes + tennies + extra socks! (you’re welcome)

Part 2: Brunch in the West Village.

  • statement Dress + sweatshirt or teeshirt with a knot at midriff + tennies 

Part 3: Cocktails, dinner and maaaybe dancing, then a cab cross town to an underground concert in Alphabet City.

  • statement dress + heels + cross body wallet

SUNDAYWaiting in line for the best bagels NY has to offer, unicorn lattes, walking the Brooklyn Bridge and traveling home.

  • tee shirt + sweatshirt + leggings + tennies + trench + baseball cap*


*Intentionally wearing more clothing to make room for your inevitable purchases. See? I think of everything.

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