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winter morning musings


Though I am still in shock that we have started March of 2017, I feel like the year has had a paradoxically speedy and latent start. Case in point being this weekend: the month of March started and it was a whopping 27 degrees on Saturday morning…winter is obviously not quite ready to leave. 

While It’s no surprise that spring is my favorite season ( I am an Aires after all), I’ve embraced the introspection and  reflective nature that comes with the chillier months: from reading great books, to learning new practices and exploring new healing modalities, this winter has been an expansive and transformative period.

Perhaps this extended winter isn’t so bad and just maybe a necessary evolution during this universal time of transition/ reorganization/ inauguration. It’s almost like an extra five, cozy minutes in bed in the morning, or sipping a cup of chamomile tea wrapped up in a chenille robe: a sweet moment to gather yourself, set up your conditions for joy, and to a deep, full breath to prepare.

So while even as I shake my head at the bite of a sub-30-degree day and grow increasingly tired of my down filled outerwear, I’m realizing more and more that this season is a pretty chill gift. 

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